CAPABILITIES  ——————————————————————


  • 7" 2000 To Farrell Extrusion Press
  • Profiles up to 2-1/2 lbs per foot
  • 2 Alloys (6063, 6064 & 6005)
  • Anodizing (up to 12' 6" lengths)
  • Specialty finishes including; Buff, Brush, Polish and more
  • Mechanical finishes


  • Nielsen offers Bright Dip, Etch and Clear anodized finishes using an automated 3 crane, 49 station lineal tank anodizing line
  • Length on standard hardware configuration is 12' 6" 
  • Standard length is variable with a recommended length of 6' to 12' 6"
  • We offer a current pallet of 24 different anodized colors. Colors are organic dyes with the exception of Gold which is FAO (Ferric Ammonium Oxciliate) which offers average light fastness
  • Maximum capacity is 111 racks per day or 44,000 lbs/111,000 sq ft
  • Coating is sealed in mid temperature nickel seal after anodizing and/or dying


  • Nielsen uses a continuous conveyor electrostatic vertical paint line
  • Paint system is designed for High Solids Polyester Baking enamels
  • Capable of lengths up to 12' 6" with a current recommended minimum length of 8' 6"
  • Q/C testing incudes; Pencil Hardness Testing, X-hatch Adhesion, MEK Rub Test, Boiling Water Test, Gloss, Color and Film Thickness

Specialty Finishes

  • Nielsen offers a variety of lineal brush finishes using different grit brush wheels
  • Our lineal brush machine has the capability of brushing on 3 sides and with an additional pass can achieve 360 degree coverage
  • Brush wheels can be conformed to irregular surfaces
  • Maximum capacity is 90 lineal feet per minute
  • Part configuration and set-up time affect efficiency
  • Nielsen also offers a high polished bright finish
  • Parts are buffed on a semiautomatic buffing machine prior to racking and anodizing
  • Depending on the extrusion shap we have the capability of brushing and polishing different areas of the extrusions propr to anodizing
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